The Past week and a half, Part 2

16/3/04 Tuesday
Nothing Unusual Happened. Lee spent the day in the office with me. I think. I don’t remember much about what happened that day, because of what happened the next day. I do remember we went eating Curry rice for dinner with Nelson, Wong Wey, and Mark.

17/3/04 Wednesday: feeling sick.
Something might have been wrong with the curry. I woke up nauseated. So did Lee. I though it was because I had to wake up early. And I though Lee’s sick feeling was something that happens every once in a while. She ate breakfast which I had hard time being next to with my nausea and all. She went back to sleep and I went to the office. I had to wake up early because of some important meeting Bob had and Nelson wanted me to be there before it just in case I’m needed. I visited Lee twice in her room, once while she was sleeping, and once when I got her some snacks. I realized my nausea wasn’t related to wakeing up too early this time because it neither faded away like usual, and the fact that I threw up in the office kinda gave it away. I never had it this rough. I said bye to Nelson saying I’m not feeling good and went to back to the hotel room when I started a 24hrs throwing up marathon. Lee threw up too as I got to the hotel. Things got messy. Very messy. Literally. The cleaning ladies of the hotel were a great help though. Nelson came by to check on us somewhere in the late afternoon and brought us some drinks. I don’t remember being this sick for something like two years. Lee wasn’t this sick for more then five years. Something might have been wrong with the curry.

Lee’s side of the story:
I went to bed the night before with an annoying headache, I woke up and it
was still there. I was a little nauseated when I woke up and I thought
that’s it because if the headache, than it got a little worse, and I just
thought I needed food, by the time Oded woke up it was REAL bad, but he just
thought that it just me with the holes in my stomach and just a big act, so
he took me down to eat breakfast and I think he got that I really felt bed
when I told him I’m going back to sleep.
so we got to the room and than he left to bring me the age old medicine for
aching stomach – Coca Cola.
I managed to get about too hours of sleep when I woke up, felt real good,
called my mom to say I’m a live than I suddenly felt bad again, I wanted to
SMS Oded, but he was already there with stories about throwing up, well, I
had to keep up with him so there I went, the last time I remember throwing
up was about 5 years ago, I forgot how terrible it feels.

than started one of the longest days I remember, I was beginning to feel a
little better, but Oded just got worse, I was really worried. I was finally
able to sleep when he was a little better.

I don’t remember ever feeling so lousy as I did that Wednesday. and I don’t
ever want to feel like it again.

18/3/04 Thursday: Getting over sickness.
At 4AM I stopped throwing up and only had a bunch of nightmares. Lee was feeling better too. We didn’t want to waste the entire time Lee was here, and we eventually left the room and went to the office for a pit stop of the way to CKS memorial hall. We had planned going to the Museum the day before, and also that day, but with all the sickness it just didn’t came out. We though the fresh air will do us some good, and apparently it did. After seeing the memorial hall and walking in the park next to it we continued to an area called: Xi Men – West Gate. I wanted to show lee around the fashion stores there, which mainly have Japanese style clothing. I managed to find, by myself, with my amazing sense of direction, the exact location where the model shop was hidden, and ended up spending 600NIS on 2 star trek models. You’ll put them together when I’m in Israel during Passover, so come and see them yourselves when they’re done. We slowly hiked back to the office where we spent some quiet time watching TV.

19/3/04 Friday: The Museum Disappointment.
We woke up, still feeling a bit sick, and went to the museum, like we planned to to the past few days. It was a big disappointment. Since (we found that out when we already were there) the museum have something like 1/2 million artifacts (700,000 to be more exact), and only room for 15,000 on display. So they change displays every 3 months. The day we came there was one of the days of the exhibitions changes. Half of the museum was “closed for renovations, we apologize for the inconvenience”. I tell you, it was a complete waste of our money.
We went back to the office and went to dinner with Sterling, Which was at a resteraunt I already went to and though that it would have “stomach safe” food, but instead sterling ordered the most spiciest things on the menu , which was the exact opposite of what we wanted of needed. Dinner was followed by a visit to “Snake Ally” which is the night market I was taken to with Idan on the first was I was here the first time. We tried walking to XiMen, because lee though she had more shopping to do, we ended up there much too late because our map wasn’t very correct on it’s scale and we went around walking 3 times as much as we needed. By the time we got there everything was closed. Like the song said “It’s not very pleasant seeing a closed kindergarden”.

20/03/04, Saturday: Hanging in Malls and watching movies.
We planned on making a visit to Bob’s house so Lee would meet Phoebe and the baby. The baby keeps waking up Bob all through the night, and Bob is referring to him as “The Devil!”. We got to the office in the morning, and met Bob here who was on his was to vote, because it was Election Day. We saw some TV while waiting for him to get back, but he called from the way saying that the baby is really crying and they don’t know if there’s something wrong and that his father, which is a retired baby’s doctor, which I think is called pediatrician, or rather a retired pediatrician, was on the way there to check out if anything is wrong. So we didn’t go and visit them in the end, so we though of going out and seeing a movie, Bob suggested we go to some mall who’s built like a big sphere. It wasn’t far from where we planned to go to the movies so we went there.
Everything was deserted. Probably because of the election. Streets and malls were empty.
After hanging out in the mall we walked to the other movie complex where we ate some Tappenyaki and saw “Along came Polly” which was a very nice movie.

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