20/03/04, Sunday: Hong Kong 2.

We woke up, Again, Too early. 5am early. Again. To catch the bus shuttle to the airport at 6am to be there at 7am in time for my flight at 8am. Both me and Lee went to Hong Kong, she was going back to Israel through Hong Kong and I needed to leave Taiwan in order not to over stay my 30 day visa. Her flight was at 10:20 and the only one they found for me was at 8:05. I got my boarding pass, and Lee was still in line, I waited with her till the last moment, and she was suppose to ask for an earlier flight, so she would have had to SMS me if she got one. I said bye, and hurried up towards the gate, when I got there, I sms’ed her, and before I managed to send the message she was actually there with me, at my gate, saying she got a flight at 8:15. And also in business class ! Huh ! I though that was her flight time and not boarding time, so I ended waiting for her nervously in Hong Kong airport… My flight actually passed very fast, because the moment the plane took off we entered into some clouds, and I leaned my head to rest against the window and woke a few minutes before landing…
We did a standard tour of Hong Kong, the same one I did when I was there a month ago, take the express into Hong Kong main island, go up to the peak with the peak tram, go down, take ferry to Kowloon, visit the market, take ferry and go back to airport. Easy tour for something like 5 hours. We had something like 6, like the last time I was there. The last time I miscalculated was also late for my calculated time, so I got very late to the airport and didn’t have time there and had to run from one place to the other in the gigantic terminal. So this time we made a more precautionary calculation, we took more time, I planned to spend some time with Lee in the Disney store in the terminal. However, for some reason, it never works. We were late to the airport, again, Lee had to undergo a security check with El-al and had to wait in line to do that, even though I didn’t spend too much time waiting in line with her, and left way before she even got to be checked, I still had to run to the gate just so I won’t be late to my flight. Why am I always late ?
The peak visit was nice, but wasn’t new to me, so I didn’t get all to excited, I hope lee did, but she didn’t seem as excited as I’d think she would, and going through the market was nice, because last time I was there I was going through it in a rush, and this time we took it easy, and Lee bought all sort of stuffs. I also bought some cheap DVD’s in some cheap DVD stores.
When I got back to Taiwan I felt so alone. Going to sleep without Lee was very hard after being with her for 9 days. I did take a quick shower and crashed right into bed since I was so tired.

Lee’s Story
Well, we arrived at the airport and the airline did have an empty place in
the 8:30 flight and they were really nice when changing the tickets and
everything and I was real happy just to be with Oded two more hours, and
than on the way to oded’s gate to tell him I got an earlier flight I
suddenly realized that the ticket was blue and not green and I remembered it
to be, so I took a closer look and – WOW business, COOL.
Of course when I got to immigration the only desk that had computer problems
was the one I went to , but didn’t take too long.
Business class is so cool, you have so much room for the legs, the chairs
are much bigger, you get a full meal in an hour’s flight and it’s with real
plates not plastic, it was great.
HK is really nice, and tall, my neck hurt from looking at the buildings. the
peak was nice, beautiful but you get the feeling after a few min. but the
market, oh the market. I could live there, so many things to buy…
anyways, I really happy with my shopping there and it was so great a got to
spent another day with Oded, I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed my visit to HK less
if I were alone. and I really want to go there again sometime, that would be

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