Blogging at 38000 feet

So, while i don’t have the power adapter that will allow me to use my laptop for more then 3 hours during this flight, and there’s no wifi around this airplane, it’s still very nice for me to sit here in my 20A sit (actually my sit is 21A but there was a girl who was confused when she sat down.)

The flight so far was ok. Just before the flight I found out I had free access to the VIP lounge with my corporate credit card. I ate a nice breakfast just at the right time. If I’d had to spend more time there I’d surely open up my laptop and used it, but I had only 20 minutes until boarding started. It funny that the lounge is the only place (according to Lee) that has electricity.
I slept about an hour and a half at the beginning of the flight, to be awaken by a lunch (which was served at 5:30AM NY time). I’ve read all the comics books I’ve got with me. I should email Lee Bloom and tell him Billy Acres was very fun to read (and play

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