New York, New York

Ok. No cliches. No Frank Sinatra,

I arrived at the Penn station, and only when I had to walk 3 blocks, I realized how heavy my luggage is! It was very straining. And cold.
Really freaking cold.
The hotel I stayed in, Herald Square hotel (I know this will get me some googlers to my blog) is nice, not that expensive in comparison, and offers the variety of services i required, like free WiFi in rooms, and a safe.
I started making phone calls to people I know in New York: Dave Gilbert, Adi Noyman, Miki, and old co-wroker who lives in Boston but was supposed to be in NY for the weekend.
The main reason I was excited about being in New York, isn’t for seeing places and buying stuff, it’s about meeting people. I thought: Oh nice, It’s Friday evening, I arrived early, I’ll meet with em.
Dave was leaving for Boston for the weekend. Miki didn’t come in from Boston to NYC after all, and Adi went off to shooting sessions in Miami. It’s a shame that as soon as I arrive, everyone’s leaving !
I guess I’ll meet Dave on Wednesday and And Dave on Thursday.
Since now, I didn’t have any plans, I decided to leave all my stuff locked in the safe of my hotel room, and head out. Backpackless. Weightless. Free.
I bought a pineapple Fanta to overcome the dehydration (NYC is cold, but DRY), and I walked from my hotel (31st & BDWY) to Times Sq (42nd & BDWY). I stood there and yelled YATTA! just like Hiro, I can bend space and time.
I went into the big Toys’r’us store and was hypnotized for a few minutes.
I spent, i think, two hours around there, just looking at stuff. I didn’t even have my camera with me that night, so I really could soak in NY.
After getting back to the hotel, I did some research about what to do here, Emailed, Talked to people like Lee and my parents, and went to sleep.
End of day 1.

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