Mmm…. Eggs Benedict. On my first morning in NYC, Woke up at around 11AM, and decided a Saturday is a good day for brunch. And what’s better than having some eggs Benedict.
For you laymen, Eggs Benedict is a poached egg, served on a toasted English muffin, with bacon and a sauce called Hollandaise sauce and served with hash brown (which is like a potato latkes).

I Googled up Brunch in NYC, and Eggs benedict. A Resteraunt that drew my attention was Balthazar.
First, there’s a guy in World of Warcraft called Balthazar. Next, there were good reviewed about it.
The Eggs Benedict were nice. The place was packed full. People had a 40min to an hour waiting list. I was lucky enough to be by myself, I was sat at the bar, and besides for eating a lovely brunch, I’ve had a nice conversation with a real estate business man called Jim Kelly who sat next to me.
I also ordered Bloody Mary which tasted like american pickled. Odd. I think they add something to the mix that makes it taste like this.
In overall I’m satisfied and going to go out now and hang around in the city.

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