Hitchcock new it best : The thing that makes amplifies the murder, is the suspense you get from anticipating for it to happen. It’s climatic build up.
I had planned to go to Spamalot, the Monty Python musical, but didn’t haven’t any solid plans. I planned to just go to the theater and see what tickets are available and go to the show. So I went to ask about tickets today at around 13:20. I found out that there are sits for 50% off at the balcony for only 39 bucks, which is pretty cheap for a Broadway show that costs up to 120$.
The show itself was great ! I knew half of it by heart, even before I’ve seen it, just because it’s just like the movie… Your mother was a hamster and your mother smelled of elderberries ! You sons of a silly person ! I fart in your general direction, you english kaaaanigets !

The thing is, everything went down so fast, I got to the ticket box, bought the ticket, ran to the nearby KFC to eat some chicken breast strips with honey mustard, went to a convenient store to buy a soda, and got into the theater in time to go to the bathroom just a minute before the show began. All that in 40 minutes. I didn’t really have time to prepare, I didn’t have time to anticipate, or impatiantly wait for the show to begin, building suspense.
I guess I could have had a better climatic experience. I still have Avenue Q to see, but today there was only a 35% discount at the place i bought the tickets at. I’ll check it again throughout the week.

I later went to Toys are us, and bought a Wonka bar , and took some nice pictures. I call this one :

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