Oy vey !

start up founders are NOT performance artists.
they aren’t very good stand up comedian.
They don’t know to write script or pretend to be someone else.

Rule number one of fiction writing, directing or acting : Maintain suspension of disbelief over your audience.

There wasn’t any. I couldn’t believe any of the CEOs or the marketing people with their silly show about “wow ! this

product/service is so good ! where can i get it ?” bullshit.
You’re the fucking FOUNDER ! didn’t you hear about you OWN product ?

I sat through 10 presentations. most of them had a “show” worse then a high school finishing play.
OH MY GOD ! why do they do it ?
Talk straight, talk forward.

Just don’t pretend. You’re not good at it. You might be good at lying to your investors, but you’re not actor.
DOn’t write your funny text. Don’t try to be one on stage. Just like you don’t let your secretary design and program

your MySql database.

I will commend Hingi, clicktale and for not putting a dumb show but actually talking to the point.
G.Ho.St actually had a VERY nice flash animation as presentation ! KUDOS !!

Another point for the organizers:
If you’re running late in your time schedule, and want to speed things up, giving up the break – not a good idea.

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