Lecture tommorow

well, this went well.

Today, I’m giving a lecture at the FIrst Israeli games conference it’s the so far most important lecture I’ve had to give, because it will have a lot off effect of my business success in the near future.

Add the fact that my internal clock was set to go to sleep at 8-9AM during the previous days of holy and to wake up at 19:00 in the evening.

So even though I “rightfully” went to sleep early enough at 3am planning to wake up at 8am, I found myself wide awake, with no record of being tired at the lovely hour of 6am (the hour of writing this post) with 5 hours to go to my lecture and my mind filled with ideas for improvements on the lecture, which i’m going to implement now.
Add to that – the fact that i’m having a soar throat, causing me to be coughing LIKE HELL.
Add to that the fact that i celebrated my 30th birthday in a business conference, and working on this lecture instead of going out drinking or having all night sex with some beautiful blond.

I did went out yesterday afternoon with my dad to buy (some of the) supplies for a fireworks operating remote control, courtesy of Barnabas ! (he waived the 200NIS i owed him for fireworks materials), and a fireworks show he shall get !
now THAT was a nice birthday present ! thanks !
ok. back to work.
need to find out how to set a key shortcut for “add slide” in open office.

Thanks for the happy birthday wishes you sent or called to tell me.

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