Party, chat

I woke up too early because I went out of sync with the universe.
I had a lot of party planning thoughts on my mind and couldn’t continue to sleep. I forgot all of them by now, but i know they were all great ones.
I talked for an hour with Drew from Beauty and the geek season 3 !
He’s a nice guy, fellow trekkie, and we talked about investements, the market, web 2.0, second life, and I even asked him two behind the scenes questions, which i’m sure it was the same questions he’s been asked over and over again and it’s the boring part of the chat.

It was a really fun chat.

I love the internet !

Don’t forget to come to my friday the 13th going on 30 birthday tonight at 19:00, in the back lawn of my house, if there’s no rain – fire works show at 21:30

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