Wow !
This was one of the most dramatic live “news” events I’ve heard in a while !

while looking for a video for Ami’s blog I decided to watch and hear NASA TV for a while.
After about 5 minutes of listening to the live broadcast, I start hearing a beep.
Then : another similar beep.
Then the beeps continue, they sound something like a heart monitor machine.
They start getting louder and quicker
After a few beeps, Huston calls the ISS, and asks them :
“We see a fire alarm, please confirm”
Apparently, there an alarm in the Russian FGB module. a few minutes of real drama, you could hear some fear in the voices of the astronauts, and the voice translator that translated the Russian astronauts.
It turned out to be a false fire alarm, cause by a software error in the Russian laptop.

Still, for a few minutes, my heart was beating slightly faster. as if you can see a disaster in the folding.
They looked around, performed the emergency procedure, didn’t find fire, didn’t find smoke, no detectable smell, and no indication in other instrument, and they declared it false alarm cause by software error.
But for me, It was a few minutes of a nine elevenish kind of experience…

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