high tech bubble !

Fellows !
The High tech bubble is back !
And i have a proofs !
There’s a strict correlation between the number of stupid small gifts companies give potential employees (future slaves) at the job fair in TAU that happens today every year.
It’s a simple correlation between the supply and demand of available employees in the work market, and the amount of disposable marketing budget

To test my hypothesis, I frequent the job fare annually, and collect as many knick-knack, swags, and plunder booty as i can. Sometimes they ask for my CV in exchange, so you know the value of 2 pieces of paper is equal to a small toy.
Today’s measurement is can be seen by a pile of junk on my couch. Lee isn’t part o the junk, but has the role of the model near the car.

Loot includes (+500XP) :

  • Mini USB Hub
  • Led pointer + Booklamp Led light
  • Keychain led flashlight
  • 2xMiniature highlights.
  • 2xbag (handbag and backpack)
  • 5xLogic games: (separate the two pieces using physics, and separate two pieces tied by with a wire)
  • 2x Kite
  • Jugling balls
  • Freezby
  • Chinese kung-fu paper holding sculpture (as demonstrated by Lee)
  • Sunglass holder attachable to car sunshield
  • Two card decks
  • Hand Massage gizmo
  • Squishy ball
  • Bouncing balls on a string toy.
  • water cantina
  • Sugerless mints
  • a folder
  • Notebook
  • Assortments of pens

“Yaaaarggghhh!” – Said the ninja

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