Shopping Dissapointments.

I was planning on going to Sogo to buy this toy I saw there and wanted to buy a month, and then again two weeks ago. I saved it’s purchase till today so i’d know i have room in my suitcase for it’s big box. So today, i headed there, and on the way i decided i’m gonna go on foot and go through what’s called “Hardware Street”, where there are tons of stores that sells computer hardware and other electronics. I ended up spending quiet a few buck there, in buying stuff i thought i wanted but never did, and i bought it now just becuase it was cheaper, and available.
For instance, a UBS desktop fan/light for your PC ! Just 200NT’s !

I actually bought some stuff I DID need. Like camera lens cleaner, or a 10/100 HUB, or a 5.1 soundcard.

I continued to Sogo, and when i got there, i browsed the section where that toy was, there was one open on display, but i couldn’t find a box of one. I asked the salesperson, and he said it’s been sold out. I was and still am very dissapointed. It was something very unimportant but something which i wanted very much. Too bad i can’t have it now. I can probably, and i will have to, live without it. Not that i would have used it so much, but i just wanted to have one. That’s me. What can you do.

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