Peking Duck.

I went to the dinner in my honor with Bob’s family and many of Sanctum’s guys. The dinner was in a Peking style resteraunt, and included many dishes which were new, and it’s highlight was the “Peking Duck” which was very Delicous (say: HoJa). I got to try out a lor of new stuff in Taiwan that i would have never try anywhere else in the world. For instance, there was one dish made out of Pigeons.
Bob’s parents, and especialy his mom are so very kind. She really try to get everybody to eat from everything and makes sure everybody is full, and eat enough and everything. She’s almost just like a typical Jewish/Polish mother. Bob’s parents really remind me of Idan’s parents. Only chinese. Their kindness is very much alike.
The guys were talking mostly in Chinese as they usually do, and I can, sometimes, well.. usually, understand the subject of the conversation, even though I don’t really understand what about it that they are talking about. They were talking about Bob’s and Monkey’s babies, and then about Politics, and then about the demonstrations that are going on next to Nelson’s house (which keep him awake at night) and the fact that thet throw paint on police officers and that it’s hard to take out of your skin, and you need to use fuel or soemthing. Yes. I understood a lot of it just by looking at hand gestures.
Bob’s mom would, a few times during dinner when the conversation would get more heated, point out to them, or actually to Bob, in chinese, that i don’t understand what they’re talking about and that they (or he) should translate. That was very easy to understand, Bob’s mom would say something in chinese with the word “Oded” in it to Bob when ever the conversation would get like that, and he’s immidietly tell me what’s going on in English.
In the middle of the dinner came some soup, Wong Wei said it’s Chicken and made some chicken-like noises to better explain what he ment by saying chicken. then they said something more in chinese. Bob explain that they call this “Farm Chicken”. I was curious. He said that its the kind of chicken that lives in the rice fields. I was confused.
“So, What’s the diffrence between a Farm chicken and .. like.. regular chicken ?”

“Well.. It’s not actually chicken. It’s Frog’s legs.”
Yes. The diffrence between a farm chicken and a regular chicken is that the farm chicken is a frog.
and Yes. I tried frog legs.
It tastes like chicken.
If i wouldn’t have known it’s frog legs, i would have either thought it to be chicken or some other poultry. So i can undersatnd why it’s referred to as “farm chicken”. What i don’t know, is why not just stick to eating chicken ?

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