”Yoni Rechter and Oded Sharon Playing Creep with CDizz”

I’ve had a pleasure testing out a new software called CDizz, it plays your music but also gives you lyrics and chords while it is playing.
I learned to play Creep within about 10 seconds while it was running.
While it was playing, Yoni Rechter (Famous israeli musician) join in with a guitar..

MuseNet was extremely fun !

I got a chance to play my accordion with a bunch of geeks ! Played Creep, I will Survive in polka version, and even “LeChuck’s Theme” from Monkey Island !
I also enjoyed an hour long jam session where we googled up chords for songs, put them on the wide screen plasma tv, and played in 4-5 instruments and several singers.
I even got to show off my Accordion Hero, which is a USB keyboard hack i made at a Garage Geeks workshop for playing “Freetar hero” over a toy accordion. My spin off on Guitar hero.

It was glorious !

Huh !
After showing it to my mom, she reminded me that Yoni Rechter is the brother of the wife of my father’s second cousin of his mother’s side.
So we’re actually some kind of remote relatives.

More MuseNet pictures featuring myself, My accordion (“Darth”) and my Accordion Hero.

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