Going to the US for a month

Im going to the US for almost month for all purposes, Travel, trip, pleasure, business, studies.

The trip will include NYC, LA, a two week MBA summer program at Irvine CA, and the San-diego Comic con.

I’m very honored to have been accepted to the Merage program and cannot wait to be there already in a condensed two weeks of non-stop business related courses.
I also cannot wait for the San diego comic con, which should be the trip’s icing (topping? what’s that phrase) !

expect even more sporadically in posting than usual.

Many wedding preparations have progressed nicely and we’ve dealt with most of the big issues before this trip, but we still have some thing that need to be done upon my return, merely 3 weeks before the event.
If anyone knows of a tailoring, uniform, or consumes company that can make 60 star fleet uniforms for cheap : let me know. Otherwise we’ll have to pay a lot for the price offer we already have and need to cut corners elsewhere on our “already over budgeted” wedding.
See ya all real soon !

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