White Lies.

I don’t lie. I’m a Vulcan. Vulcans don’t lie.
We also repress our emotions, but i’m gonna stick to the lies story now, and stop with other interrupting stories.

I hate lying, and being lied to, including little white lies that are ment to make you “feel better”. I hate those especially, because then you can never get any objectivity regarding what you do. If my site is boring, i want to know about it. If i write too short or to long, i want to know about it. If i offended you, i want to know about it, and if i have something in my teeth, i want to know about it.

I also don’t understand who bothers reading my BLOG, and then voting for the “i’m not reading your blog”. It’s so paradoxal, and it’s bothering me. There’s ALWAYS some wisecracker who think he’s funny, and don’t understand he’s being laughed at in the very next row of the poll. Whoever it is, I don’t get it.

Ok back to the point.

A conversation i had with a friend goes like this:

“Oh, And me and Lee saw a car accident”
“Accident ? what ? where”
“You don’t read my BLOG, or otherwise you’d have known”
“I do read you BLOG. just not too often. once a week ? but when i don’t read it too often, I read back.”
“well. you didn’t. if you’ve would have been you’d known i’ve seen one when i was in taiwan, which was weeks ago”

I have no problem quoting this conversation with that person, just because i know he won’t read it. He doesn’t read my blog often enough to see all the posts i make.
By the time he gets to read it, (IF he’ll even read it) this post will probably be so in the bottom of the page, or already gone, that he will have to stumble on it in the history archives, and come on, if you don’t even bother reading my blog, well, you won’t bother looking in archives.
Since i’m guessing none of you (other then my two most frequant readers) know who i’ve talked to, there’s no one to tell him. So there.
If you indeed read my blog like you say you do, you’ll read this, and you’ll know, and i’m guessing you’ll then call or tell me you read it, thus proving you don’t.
my guess is, i don’t hear from you about this at all. So there.


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