How I learned to know Ori Berger very good, Or: Embarresing story from my birthday

Two years and a few months ago, I started working in Majorem where i’ve met Ramon and Gidi (pronounced: Gideeeeeeee, and must always be said with a smile) who in time, invited me to join them on what i’ve been known to call as the thursday evening dinner club. At the 2nd or third of these dinners, since i’ve invited some of my co-workers, amongst Ramon and Gidi, i decided to invite the new friend from the thursday dinner.

Nearing the later part of the party, Ori Berger arrived, having only met him for 2 dinners, and being partly swamped with all rush that is orginizing a party and trying to notice every bit of what’s going on in the party, I didn’t recognize Ori when he arrived. There was a few moments of embarresing looks by me, which were in the lines of: aaahhhm… Who’s this guy ? Any body knows him ? probably a friend of a friend ?
I think i didn’t actually said any of them, but i’m not sure, in any case it was a very aqward moment for both of us. I am very shamed to having invited someone, and later not recognizing him.
One thing is for sure, I’m never forgetting who Ori Berger is. Furthermore, i’m going to try to recognize everyone who comes to this birthday party tommorow. I’ve invited Astrid, a friend of mine, which i’ve met and talk to on the net, (and is one of those that triggered the making of this very BLOG). I only met her but once, but both me and Lee wanted to invite her. I’m hoping there won’t be any embarresing “who are you?” moments this year, but then again, since there’s only one swedish guest who speaks english on the guess list, it’s going to be hard to confuse her with other people who i genuinly don’t know, who are invited to the party. (mostly friends of friends).

I don’t understand how come only 8 people confirmed their arrival on the party site.
I’ve invited over 30, and emailed each and every one of them this link :
Am i suppose to prepare food and drinks for 30 people or 8 ?

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