Mixed Up Sleep

my sleeping hours got messed up teh past week.
for instance, on friday iwent to sleep at 10am saturday and woke up at 17:00 only to go to sleep at 1 am yesterday, in order to wake up at 3am to see lee off to the airport (she went to a week in Poland with her father to take care of some family thing) and i had to be awake at 9:30 to go to unemployment office. just got back an hour ago (12:00), and i’m thinking weather i should go to sleep or try to pull my awake hours until later and sleep like a regular person. i also have a job interview at 15:00 tommorow, and i’ll need to be awake and up and running, so i don’t know what to do…
I’ll probably stay next to my trusty computer until the keyboard start pounding too much hard against more forehead. which means it’s time to sleep.

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