Al Hadvash Ve Al Haokem

I was on my way to a job interview, waiting in a long line of cars, in a left turn in Zabotinsky, petah tikva, when i’m thinking to myself, well, as long as i’m only a little late because of traffic jam, and not a lot late. And then my car stop. i try to restart it but it wouldn’t restart. after turning the blinking lights on and trying to start for a few minutes, i push it to the right side of the road, through all the through traffic. Boy it was scary ! Israeli drivers are scary. And careless for the guy with a stuck beetle. Apparantly there’s something wrong with /dev/fuelpump, and after a phone call to my dad and a few minutes of waiting, another few reboot attempts, and voila, it started, and i got to my interview only 40 minutes late.

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