Never Go To Supermarket Hungry !

I should never go to the supermarket when i’m hungry !
On my way back from the job interview, before going home, i decided to make a pit stop at the Ikea shopping area. I ended up with a few hundered shekels purchases.

the majority of which in Tiv Taam, in which without noticing i spend a small fortune on trivial and unneeded luxuries like smoked ham, or swiss cheese, or other stuff i could have probably lived better without, and i’m affraid that they might even get spoiled before i eat all of them.

I did however, buy a new supply of drinks for my house which i do once in a few weeks, and bought a lot of meat for Gidi’s Independance day Barbeque, which i hope i’ll get party refunded because it’s for all the guests and not just myself.

Maybe Assaf Mandelson can eat 2 kilo’s of steaks, but i can’t.

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