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So my blog was a bit neglected. My facebook addiction causes me to communicate on a wider base and more effective way than I do with my blog. If you don’t have a facebook account, GET ONE.

Still, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to have a cross poster such that all the places i post stuff will be synchronized, like the facebook status updates should be posted here too.

I’m thinking of writing a cross poster, so both my facebook, livejournal, myspace, twitter and this blog will be updated at once when i write something. It will use RSS. It will be groundbraking and everyone i know would want to use this cross poster. I just don’t have time to do it. If you want to help me, let me know.

We’re half done moving apartments, most of out stuff are here, but there are still a lot of stuff back there that needs to be cleared in less than two weeks. And a lot of it required me to pack with help of Lee, but she’s at work most of the time, and very tired after work, so we don’t get to pack. nor in the weekend. She despises the old apartment so much, she refuses to go there on her free time, so there are piles of stuffs that needs to be cleaned and boxed and just waiting for us there…
last weekend, right after having the heavy furniture moved here, we wne to geekcon.
It was amazing, and there are many pictures of it in Facebook, I’m tagged in quite a lot of pictures…
There are also some pictures on flick that i can post here:

Mr demille, I’m ready for my close-up.

Speaking about my projects in Geekcon.

Me and the new Mrs.

Cut once, measure twice.
No wait… !

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Married, moving.

Yay !

I’m now officially married to the most beautiful and geeky girl on earth !

Pictures and videos from our geeky wedding (the geekiest wedding in Israel) coming soon.
Including star fleet uniform catering staff, firework show and grand entrance to the theme of star wars and friends holding light saber, light saber fights, huge NCC1701 model in the background, and more
Oh, and of course my Guybrush Threepwood wedding outfit.

We symbolically spend out first night as a married couple in the new apartment we’re renting. The internet there is only going to be installed on Sunday, and I kept being reminded of Captain Kirk at the beginning of Generations:

James T. Kirk: “You left port without a tractor beam?”
Captain Harriman: “It doesn’t arrive until Tuesday.”

Let’s have big Mazal Tov for us!

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Best License Plate. Ever.

and if you didn’t know, i drive a VW beetle too.

via global nerdy

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Happy Birthday Zbang !

20 years ago today, “Zbang“, my favorite comics (and since recently – my job as well) was born.
In the Aug 18th 1987 issue of Maariv Lanoar magazine, appeared the story about Gal who got sunburned while being to nervous about hitting on a girl who’ll later become Sigal – his girlfriend.

For 20 year, Uri Fink has engaged the minds of hormone driven teenagers like myself.

Happy Birthday Zbang !
May you have at least 20 more years of crazy, wacky, funny comics.

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Nice Acapella Clip

A bunch of guys made a going away present for their friend. Share it !

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help catch a thief – 2 days ago in Israel

never loose sight of your belongings !

Even if you’re clinically paranoid, it doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.

Look at these people work : they are pro’s !
At 2:20 the thieves enter, at 3:00 they “help” bring another chair around the table, and while doing that, moving the bag to a more convenient location for them, and at 3:50, thief #1 starts pushing the bag with his leg, little by little, and by 4:20 thief #2 takes it and leaves the place.

I have a feeling the girl is also an accomplice.

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You can’t spell Slaughter without Laughter !


Hevenu Shalom Aliechem !

I have no idea what the context of the video is. but it’s … well… it’s… see it for yourself..


Code Monkey Anime Video

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The Sharks YouTube video

There you go :
My 6 minutes of fame

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