The Sharks

Hey !
I’m apprearing in “The Shark” – the Israeli version of the UK’s “The Dragon’s Den” or the US “The inventor”

Just for you new googlers who come here by looking me up :
My company’s website is : and I am looking for at least $150,000 investment in the company.

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Going to the US for a month

Im going to the US for almost month for all purposes, Travel, trip, pleasure, business, studies.

The trip will include NYC, LA, a two week MBA summer program at Irvine CA, and the San-diego Comic con.

I’m very honored to have been accepted to the Merage program and cannot wait to be there already in a condensed two weeks of non-stop business related courses.
I also cannot wait for the San diego comic con, which should be the trip’s icing (topping? what’s that phrase) !

expect even more sporadically in posting than usual.

Many wedding preparations have progressed nicely and we’ve dealt with most of the big issues before this trip, but we still have some thing that need to be done upon my return, merely 3 weeks before the event.
If anyone knows of a tailoring, uniform, or consumes company that can make 60 star fleet uniforms for cheap : let me know. Otherwise we’ll have to pay a lot for the price offer we already have and need to cut corners elsewhere on our “already over budgeted” wedding.
See ya all real soon !

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”Yoni Rechter and Oded Sharon Playing Creep with CDizz”

I’ve had a pleasure testing out a new software called CDizz, it plays your music but also gives you lyrics and chords while it is playing.
I learned to play Creep within about 10 seconds while it was running.
While it was playing, Yoni Rechter (Famous israeli musician) join in with a guitar..

MuseNet was extremely fun !

I got a chance to play my accordion with a bunch of geeks ! Played Creep, I will Survive in polka version, and even “LeChuck’s Theme” from Monkey Island !
I also enjoyed an hour long jam session where we googled up chords for songs, put them on the wide screen plasma tv, and played in 4-5 instruments and several singers.
I even got to show off my Accordion Hero, which is a USB keyboard hack i made at a Garage Geeks workshop for playing “Freetar hero” over a toy accordion. My spin off on Guitar hero.

It was glorious !

Huh !
After showing it to my mom, she reminded me that Yoni Rechter is the brother of the wife of my father’s second cousin of his mother’s side.
So we’re actually some kind of remote relatives.

More MuseNet pictures featuring myself, My accordion (“Darth”) and my Accordion Hero.

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another item to my shopping list.

The Juice Bag is a beach tote with an integrated solar panel that will charge your phone, camera, laptop and MP3 player while you manufacture vitamin D.


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dead sunflowers.

Trying not getting to symbolic in this post.

The sunflowers are dead. I neglected to water my plants for a few days, and it was very hot. So now they are dead.
I got ‘the symbolic sunflowers seeds of success” as a birthday gift/shameless promotion from my bank.
So symbolically they died after I neglected to water them for a few hot days.

On the other hand my Bazil, Scallions, and Mint are alive and blooming.
So the non symbolic plants that I chose because of my watering schedule are still alive.

Now ends this symbolic post in which i chose to symbolize my plants.

I know the symbols, but what do they symbolize ?

What else have i neglected to water ?

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high tech bubble !

Fellows !
The High tech bubble is back !
And i have a proofs !
There’s a strict correlation between the number of stupid small gifts companies give potential employees (future slaves) at the job fair in TAU that happens today every year.
It’s a simple correlation between the supply and demand of available employees in the work market, and the amount of disposable marketing budget

To test my hypothesis, I frequent the job fare annually, and collect as many knick-knack, swags, and plunder booty as i can. Sometimes they ask for my CV in exchange, so you know the value of 2 pieces of paper is equal to a small toy.
Today’s measurement is can be seen by a pile of junk on my couch. Lee isn’t part o the junk, but has the role of the model near the car.

Loot includes (+500XP) :

  • Mini USB Hub
  • Led pointer + Booklamp Led light
  • Keychain led flashlight
  • 2xMiniature highlights.
  • 2xbag (handbag and backpack)
  • 5xLogic games: (separate the two pieces using physics, and separate two pieces tied by with a wire)
  • 2x Kite
  • Jugling balls
  • Freezby
  • Chinese kung-fu paper holding sculpture (as demonstrated by Lee)
  • Sunglass holder attachable to car sunshield
  • Two card decks
  • Hand Massage gizmo
  • Squishy ball
  • Bouncing balls on a string toy.
  • water cantina
  • Sugerless mints
  • a folder
  • Notebook
  • Assortments of pens

“Yaaaarggghhh!” – Said the ninja

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Wow !
This was one of the most dramatic live “news” events I’ve heard in a while !

while looking for a video for Ami’s blog I decided to watch and hear NASA TV for a while.
After about 5 minutes of listening to the live broadcast, I start hearing a beep.
Then : another similar beep.
Then the beeps continue, they sound something like a heart monitor machine.
They start getting louder and quicker
After a few beeps, Huston calls the ISS, and asks them :
“We see a fire alarm, please confirm”
Apparently, there an alarm in the Russian FGB module. a few minutes of real drama, you could hear some fear in the voices of the astronauts, and the voice translator that translated the Russian astronauts.
It turned out to be a false fire alarm, cause by a software error in the Russian laptop.

Still, for a few minutes, my heart was beating slightly faster. as if you can see a disaster in the folding.
They looked around, performed the emergency procedure, didn’t find fire, didn’t find smoke, no detectable smell, and no indication in other instrument, and they declared it false alarm cause by software error.
But for me, It was a few minutes of a nine elevenish kind of experience…

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10 minute cooking school

Robert rodriguez is a drama and comedy genius.
I’ll make those two dishes in the near future.

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Global Nerdy

A nice new (to me) blog called Global Nerdy featured this song
Love Two Point Oh

Global nerdy is written by Joey Devilla, The Accordion Guy

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One day Gadget. One day !

I still haven’t formed my band.
But i wil. and when i do, it might sound like this:

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