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Error in printing.

Read readers, In the previous post there was a present ommited during the printing of the BLOG. actually it was during the re-typing of that post. My sister made us a beutiful miniature replica of our couch, which is a … Continue reading

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Mission successful : Birthday Party

The party last night was a great success. Part for the fact that we managed to fit in even more people into our small tiny apartment, we’ve introduced a few new members to the party comers. Amongst people like Astrid, … Continue reading

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DAMN ! I’ve stareted writing a post about the birthday party, and Mozzila crashed before i pressed submit ! I’m gonna have to write it again, and it probably won’t be as good as the first time i wrote it… … Continue reading

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Soldedad’s BLOG

A short time ago i’ve set up a BLOG and Gallery site for my sister, Soledad. Now that it’s a bit more ready i’m proud to announce it here in myt own BLOG : This is her address until … Continue reading

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Snappy Comeback

Hey ! I’ve decided to open a new topic ! Comics ! Here i’ll post what I sometimes read and find good. Dilbert Had a very snappy comback at his mom today which I found so cinical i’ve had to … Continue reading

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How I learned to know Ori Berger very good, Or: Embarresing story from my birthday

Two years and a few months ago, I started working in Majorem where i’ve met Ramon and Gidi (pronounced: Gideeeeeeee, and must always be said with a smile) who in time, invited me to join them on what i’ve been … Continue reading

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White Lies.

I don’t lie. I’m a Vulcan. Vulcans don’t lie. We also repress our emotions, but i’m gonna stick to the lies story now, and stop with other interrupting stories. I hate lying, and being lied to, including little white lies … Continue reading

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Big Brother

I’ve just installed a few counter (you can see thier icons in the bottom of the page) that are going to give me more info on the number of hits i have on the page. This made me realize i … Continue reading

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Mazal Tov To Me.

Hey. Mazal tov to me. I can’t help thinking what i’m going to get. I rarly get stuff i anticipate i want. Even stuff i want without anticipating. Even more, I don’t like most of the stuff i’m getting as … Continue reading

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Everyone and his Mazza’s

The week before I left Taiwan, i met this jewish fella, Ron Telet, at Bob’s bagel shop, we chatted some more about israeli and taiwaneese politics, which, again, is something i tend not to talk about. when the conversation was … Continue reading

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