I have a huge headache.
I was forced again to go to Lee’s parents for another one of those annoying family dinners.

I can’t say i care much for most of her family. Her father is an angry person who shouts all the time, Her mom is manupulative and sticks her nose into everything, and her brother is one of the dumbest imbacil parasites i have ever met.
Luckily i was prepared and ate a big lunch before we left, so i didn’t have to eat the horrible foods her mom makes.
I had to sit there most of the dinner listen to their stupid conversations.
Now i have a big, huge, enormous headache.

I’m sorry Lee, but i can’t take your family too much.
Even tough your very nice Aunt came to visit from germany and brough some chochlate
Maybe next time, you can go to the dinner alone, and invite only your Aunt and uncle to come and visit here without the rest of your “driving me nuts” family ?

And now for the weather forcast:
Tommorow I can expect a shower of shouting and frowning about families once Lee have read this post.

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