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Rule no.1 of of blogging: DON’T WRITE ABOUT WORK. Rule no.2 of blogging: no matter how angry you are, complaining about work in you blog IS NOT GOOD ! Rule no.3 of blogging: if you DO get so angry and … Continue reading

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For all you physicists

Who ever wrote a lab report in their life: And for all you hackers:

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Cool Keyboard

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Renaissance man

Would Leonardo De Vinci be as successful in the 20th century as he was in his time ? Can anyone appreciate a true renaissance men nowadays ? I’ll show you a man who knows art, and science, and can play … Continue reading

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not too much time left

I’ve already wasted 90% of the 3 sick days “vacation” i’ve had. I don’t feel like i’ve accomplished too much, and that includes no accomplishment in recreation. I don’t feel rested at all, but more aggetated. I wanted to play … Continue reading

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moer comparisons

One big diffrence between the high tech industry and show biz, is emotions. Show biz was created to invoke emotions and thoughts, while the high tech industry is quite the opposite. High tech requires maturity, self-control, relibility, responsibility, profits, deadlines, … Continue reading

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Hollywood and the computer game industry

Boy, I wish Ron Gilbert could have read this post and tell me when he thinks about it. I’ll put a note in his blog. I just finished watching yet another episode of Unscripted, a show about a few actor … Continue reading


Disgusting cockroach

Yuck ! Do you guys remember that episode in X-files about the cockroaches when one walks past the screen ? I was watching some TV episode, and a cockraoch just walk past the living room, like there’s no tomorrow ! … Continue reading

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I need a new computer !!!

I’ve just tried to install and play Phsyconauts, One of the games i’ve been really looking forward to play. But it seems I can’t. I need a graphics card that can support Pixel shader 1.0 and my GeForce 2MX doesn’t. … Continue reading

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Since I’m not able to do any real creative programming at my workplace, I do it in my spare time at home. So, i’ve upgraded the “what shows are on” webpage, and now you can have a personalized show page … Continue reading

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