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Games and Comics

Dork tower has a series of strips about sex in cartoons. It starts with this one: This made me think. Comic books and computer games have a lot in common and in particular the sex issue. They are both … Continue reading

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Mac and PC’s Continued.

Hey. I know that only about 0-1 of you clicked the Mac and PC ads i linked to last week. Too bad. Why ? Becuase today’s Ctrl Alt Del really made me laugh, becuase it was : A. a good … Continue reading


AL Lowe’s New Game

A few months ago, I though to myself: What is Al Lowe (Creator or the Larry series) up to. Today, i got an announcement about his new game: It’s Al Lowe’s CyberJoke 3000� It’s late Tuesday night at E3 and … Continue reading

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Today’s post is brought to you with the help of today’s Penny Arcade Comic I thought I had it under control. I thought I was over it. I thought I wasn’t addicted anymore. I thought i got it down to … Continue reading


Macs and PC’s

There was a post on Kim’s blog about the Mac Ads. I have a very low opinion on macs, as i’ve had a very doubtful “pleasure” on working on them. They stuck as much as a PC, the are very … Continue reading

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Richard Stallman’s autograph

According to Slashdot, Richard Stallman, The man behind the free software foundation and GNU (Gnu is NOT unix) started selling his autographs. This raises an interesting phylosophical question: Will Stallman’s autograph be Open Sourced ? I.E, If I get his … Continue reading

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