Back in Israel

I’m back in Israel. I Met many my friends during the weekend, and had visit my grandmother on Saturday. My dad, sister, lee, and me played Rummy. It’s been a while since I played. Lee kept winning. She always does.
It’s very nice being at home, but i didn’t have that “getting back from going abraod” feeling this time. I also don’t feel like i’m on vacation. I feel very regular. Like this week i’m here is just an extended weekend, and when sunday arrives, the weekend is over. Too bad lee has to spend most of this “weekend” in the army, since I don’t really know what to do here to amuse myself.
I have errands I need to do, but i’m not feeling like it. For instance, I think i need new glasses, since i’m seeing blurry with these too, I need to go check myself at the optometrist’s, but outside is cold, and inside is watm. After writing this, I’ll go play something.

P.S. My dear friend Barnabas called today to welcome me back to Israel. He said that he’s been reading this blog continously, and with great intrest. It’s nice to hear someone actually manages to read this gigantic amount of text that keeps spilling out like the contents of an oil oceanliner hitting an iceberg. Since I don’t get almost any comments on it, and I know that regular people (non-bloggers) don’t tend to read stuff daily i get very little feedback, either negative or positive, so when i do get some, i get exicted.Thanks Barnabas !

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