Lee’s Shtiyat Samal

Lee got her Sargent rank today, and for that had a “Shtiyat Samal” at the army.
She is posted as a secretary, typist, in the office of the IDF’s personnal general. She complains a lot about her army duties, and the people she serves with, but i’d certainly would trade armty service with her in a blink of an eye. I had a very lousy army experince, and I suffered a lot. I’m still haunted by nightmares of the time i got sent to military prison. My army service is a very long sroty, and if anyone would like to hear it, or read about it, i’ll gladly tell it, but not now.
as I said, In my opnion, Lee army service is so easy, i’m very envious, she gets to be at home everyday, don’t have any of the annoying duties like guarding, or kitchen duties, and she never stays in weekends in the army. That’s almost like a bad job, since the hours arn’t very good. But it can’t be even compared to my army service, in which i saw home only for 48hours once in two ot three weeks for most of it.
She really dislikes most of the girls and guys there and only likes a few. I instantly knew who she did and didn’t, by the way they behave. I’m not sure i’d like any of them either. I don’t like “Arsim”. But she’s getting dischared soon, and won’t be needing to meet any of them any more if she don’t want to.
I Finally got to meet the General, Gil regev, and managed to talk to him a few short minutes. He looks like a very nice guy, and matched all of Lee’s stories, and description.

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