Meetings and more Meetings

I’ve been meeting a lot of people this week, since i’ve been back. First i’ve finally met in person this swedish girl that i’ve met a few weeks ago over at the ICQ, we share a lot in common and she’s been a real nice conversation over the ICQ. Her Blog Amongst others, is actually responsible for this page. She’s also to be blamed for the fact that i’m now reading five online comic strips instead on only Dilbert.

yesterday we’ve met and hang around with Yael, I ate schawarma and some Roladin rogalach, since they aren’t available where i’m about to be again starting next week.
after that in the evening we watched some episodes for Stargate SG-1 with some more friends.
basically we’ve watched something with some friend for every day since i’ve been back. In fact we’re booked solid till sunday with our TV watching, as there’s a lot to catch up before i’m going back.

what can i do? i really like watching TV, and i really missed doing it with lee when i was gone. I ment watching TV with lee, you pervert.

Tommorow we’re heading to Haifa to meet Sion, another friend of mine, and then driving back to meet the thursday evening dinner gang. so more meetings….

I didn’t have any time to do any vacating in my vacation in Israel !

And I know Lee is a bit disappointed we didn’t spend enough “together” time alone with each other.

Bah !

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