Back In Taiwan

I’m back in taiwan.

The flight here was a bit longer then the one i was on before, it went through Bangkok instead of Hongkong. I have 2 extra wasted hours i spent in reading in the Bangkok terminal. But since i did some reading they weren’t as waste…

Just before the landing, at about 3000-4000 feet the plane started swinging as if the autopilot was off, it also looked a bit odd, the swingins weren’t very coherent, and resembled the kinds of corrections i make when i’m flying a Cessna. A boing is not a cessna. And also because the landing gear and flaps were down at the time, it looked odd becuase they usually don’t open them so high. Then all of a sudden the engines went up again and the plane started ascending. I knew there was something wrong and that the captain did a “go around”. He said something in chinese, and later repeated a part of it in english saying that there’s something wrong with one of the instruments. There were a few moment of absolout silence followed by a commosion and another of those frightening cryptic silences before the plane landed. We landed for the second time around, and since there were distinct visual conditions so i wasn’t THAT worried. I didn’t get to ask the pilots about that, usualy they stand at the door greeting you when you leave the plane, but not in this flight. My initial fear before landing was that there was something wrong with the wheels locking, and i was affraid of a belly landing, but i’m guessing his ILS or VOR or probably the GPS gave conflicting reading. I don’t know. I do know that i’ve landed and i’m safe. And too bad i can’t sit in cockpits during filght… Oh well…

I finally know what’s the thing i call chinese food – it’s actually Sachuan food. I ate with Bob at a Sachuan resterant and it was exactly like the chinese food i eat in israel (or the states), but again, no eggrols. For some reason, the entire chinese food in israel is called after only the small sub category or sachuan food… funny.

I’m think my Jet-lag is less severe this time around. speaking of which, i should go to bed. it’s 1:20 am already.

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