Hey all.

Unlike the previous 3-week trip to Taiwan, which felt like a very good and long vacation, this time doesn’t. It’s routine, regular, and non-vacationy.
No big show to prepare to, not a lot of touring, just sitting in the office playing games and watching TV on the big screen. And eating.

I was taken with Bob and mark to this meeting with one of the largest taiwanese game publisher companies here in Taiwan. The one that publishes WarCraft III. The entire meeting was in chinese, and every once in a long while, the other company’s big shot, would say something in english, or bob would, and i’d understand something of what’s going on. Other then that it was an hour and a half or boredom. Bob thinks that my presence there by itself, was worth it, and that the other company now thinks they mean business since i’m there. I hope it’s true.
I should really try and learn more chinese, but since there’s so much to learn in chinese and most of their words sounds the same it’s very difficult.
I did learn to say “cooked beef dumplings” : Swei Jau
If i only learn a word per day (which have been my progress so far) i’d knew 30 words at the end. But since the chinese language uses something like 300, it won’t be enough to understand them…

On another note, Bob and his wife Pheobe are expecting the baby this week. I’ll post more when the time comes…

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