I started feeling alone here in Taiwan.
I had no one to hang out with today, since Bob’s expecting the baby, and Nelson had some family thing. I slept really and aimlessly went to the “Sogo Department Store”, which is something like Macy’s.
I bought a toy there, like just one i had when i was a kid.

I ate dinner, alone.
And drank, alone, a StarBuck’s Caramel Machiato, which is one of the coffees i like best. but not alone.

I really miss Lee’s company. More then anything else. It would actually not be bad at all if she was here…

I keep telling myself : Only two weeks.
Only two weeks and she’s here.

I Came back here to the weekend-empty office, where my computer is, and chatted for a while on the net. Chattign and Blogging is very addictive. Especially when you feel alone and need some human contact. It certainly help.

Tommorow i’m gonna meet with one of the guys who worked on the TGS show and we talk on the MSN Messanger today. So he suggested I go touring with him to some hot springs. I will. I’m gonna play some more with the comp and goto sleep, Since i need to get up earlier rommorow, I’ll try sleeping early today. I say that everyday, It’s the same thing as people say “Tommorow i’m starting a diet”.

Well. I do start one tommorow.

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