A day with Leo

I met leo at 13:30 at Bob’s bagel shop. I drank coffee while waiting and the girl who’s working there asked me how to write Humus and Schug.
How do you write actually Schug ?
Leo came and we went to the Beitou hot springs. It’s very nice. everything smells like sulfur, since the spring source is a vulcano…
We ate and went in into a hotel/spa/hot spring pool that Leo’s friend is the manager of, so he got us in for free. The water is hot and nice, and there are 3 floors with pools, small pools, jacousi sized pools, some with actual jacousi. the higest pool floor is the 7th floor which incidentally is the roof of the building. the view is pretty spactacular, and you can easily relax in the warm water looking at the view. I missed Lee.

After a short shower to take out the smell away, we took the MRT (the subway equivalent) and went to Tansui. Nice place, by the river with a long promonade sellng mostly seafood. I tried some barbecued Tofu which was pretty digusting, even tough i got through 2 bytes before i realized it. Then i had some Fish-and-Meatball soup. which was rather nice, and some meat filled steam bun, which was HouJa (delicious in chinese). All in all Tansui is very nice and romantic place. I missed Lee.

Leo is a nice guy, and had a few stories to tell, and he’s into improving his english, so practice makes perfect. Future perfect.

He didn’t mind gonig out on this day and i think he really enjoyed my company, as i certainly enjoyed his. As oppsed to yesterday’s lonelyness..
He claims that at 29, single life is pretty boring. Mainly becuase he’s lazy and spends time couch potatoing in front of the TV. He told me about his army service, and we i told him about mine. Guys in Taiwan have to do 2 years in the army. Girls, don’t at all. He also told me a story about this girl he wants to date which is a bit complicated because she’s 31 and divoreced + kid. But he claim they both like each other, so he’s taking it slow. He kept talking about her all day, so i guess she really means a lot to him. I obviously talked about Lee all day. I Miss Lee.

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