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The Past week and a half, Part 1

11/03/04 – Lee arriving. I was anxious the entire day. I couldn’t wait for Lee’s arrival. She sms’ed me saying she landed. A driver was supposed to come pick her up at the airport, rather then me coming there myself. … Continue reading

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A Short Brake.

Hello. The owner and management of Oded’s Blog page would like to apologize for the inconvineince cause by the delay in posts. They delay is cause by difficulty to find free moments to write, while the chronicler is busy hanging … Continue reading

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Lee is suppose to be here in two days. I can’t wait. I want to see her so much, and to show her all around, and to take her to all the places i’ve eat, and been to. Too bad … Continue reading

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I just finished playing “Beyond Good And Evil” !! It’s SUCH a good game !! Very Great story and the best sound and music i’ve ever heard in a computer game. They’ve reached a level of finishing touch i would … Continue reading

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Jade and Flowers.

I was awaken today, even though not too early, with some rice. I’ll explain. It’s chinese tradition for the family of a new born baby to give out rice. So I got Bob’s new baby’s rice, delivered to my room, … Continue reading

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An Odd Chap I Met At The Subway.

After finishing dinner with Sterling at TGI Friday’s, (yes, I actually got to eat there, on saturday), I was looking at some flyer that someone handed to me when i went into the Subway train. The subway here, called MRT, … Continue reading

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Sam And Max 2 Got Cancled !!!

Hey. I know most of you won’t bother with this kind of news, and it’s not really pure BLOG material, but i feel like i need to say something about this. If you don’t like computer game, or don’t care, … Continue reading

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Sleep, Vampires and Zombies.

I’m a vampire. or a vampire-zombie , or zombie vampire, if you will. That’s because i’m wide awake all night long and during day time, I look mindless during the first few hous of the day. Even though i try … Continue reading

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Poof !

I had this feeling on monday-tuesday. As if the bubble has just bursted. Everything before was “too good to be true”. Now it’s routine, and i start to recognize the down side in everything. I’ll give you a small insignificant … Continue reading

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